Robbing Fire Mandarin Duck-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

Without any hindrance, Wu Tongchun went to Xiangyang to stay in a small shop. After eating and drinking, he closed the door and worked. He had to recover all his skills to prevent unexpected changes. The window screen was white, and it was daybreak. Wu Tongchun woke up, only to feel that he was full of blood. His strength had been restored as usual. He got out of bed, cleaned his face, and was ready to put on his mask. "Good boy," said a cold voice in the corner of the room, "it's so hard for you to cheat the old beggar." Wu Tongchun this sound is no small matter, he unexpectedly did not realize that someone was in the room, but this surprise is only an instinctive reaction, listening to the voice he already knew who it was. Turn one's eyes to look, see only "the ghost cries" crouching on the corner of the room, the light in the room is very dim still, "the ghost cries" binocular, resemble a night owl. The matter has come to this point, have nothing to say, Wu Tongchun shyly tunnel: "Please forgive the old, the younger generation is forced." "The ghost called out." She got up and approached Wu Tongchun. "What's the matter with your face?" She asked. Wu Tongchun had no choice but to tell the story of the restoration. "The ghost cries" nod repeatedly, way: "Good, good, your boy's good fortune can be really high, daybreak, old beggar cannot stay long, do you have a word to say? Wu Tongchun said in a deep voice, "The purpose of the younger generation remains unchanged. We vow to fulfill the last wish of the holy monk." "In a word, all right!" "And.." "What?" "Since then, the younger generation has been called'ruthless swordsman '!" "Oh!"! Why Wu Tongchun did not want to tell the story of his entanglement with the Lord of Heaven and Earth. "The younger generation likes this nickname very much," he answered vaguely. "Ghost cries" nod: "Very good, old beggar must slip away, have a thing to contact again! Have a thing to contact again! Wu Tongchun thought of another thing and hurriedly said, "The younger generation still has something to say. I don't know what you think." Say it quickly! " "You should have known about the rise of Liujiamen in Jianghu." "Sure, how about that?" "Two tigers are fighting. Why don't we take advantage of this opportunity in secret?" "Mmm!"! Reasonable, the old beggar will plan! Say that finish, hurriedly open the door and go. Wu Tongchun stood in a daze and thought to himself, "My true colors have been exposed. Is it still necessary to cover up?" The mind is not already, the door creaks a grid, the eyes sweep place, stunned. Into the room, unexpectedly is the white stone jade that Yi Chai abandons. Bai Shiyu's eyes fluctuated and stared at Wu Tongchun's face without opening his mouth. Wu Tongchun couldn't help saying, "Why did you come to this chicken feather shop early in the morning?" After a long time, Bai Shiyu opened the door and said, "I live in the next room." "What a coincidence?" "It's a coincidence!" You.. Have you heard what I said to Lao Jiaohua? "Oh, you can't stop listening." "I want to see the'black veil woman '. Has the word reached yet?" "Here it is," she said. She'll see you when she wants to see you. Wu Tongchun was afraid that someone would bump into him again, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, so he quickly put on his mask. "Ruthless Swordsman," said Bai Shiyu leisurely, "this nickname suits you very well!" The implication of the words is an allusion to his heartlessness to Ning Bi. Wu Tongchun, of course, immediately realized, can not help but send out a wry smile, this nickname is the Lord of Heaven and Earth in order to cover his identity and temporary nonsense, it is good to use it! Affectionate and heartless, anyway, the tragedy has been formed, do not bear also have to bear, not to mention the fact that it is their own fault. Bai Shiyu glanced outside the door and said, "To Hua Jinfang, I've concealed your identity for you, but only for the time being. Fire can't be wrapped up in paper. What are you going to do to make her a widow?" Wu Tongchun is suffering, how can he tell the secret that Hua Jinfang is the daughter of the enemy "supreme swordsman" Huarong! This is a secret pain that cannot be known to outsiders. He was silent. "" Let me tell you something, "said Bai Shiyu." Hua Jinfang arrived in Xiangyang three days ago. With a shock in his heart, Wu Tongchun blurted out, "What is she doing in Xiangyang?" "Looking for you!" "What, for me?" "Not bad!" "She.." Do you know my identity? "I don't know. She's looking for Jia Ren." Wu Tongchun wanted to cry without tears.

In fact, Hua Jinfang is innocent, she does not know the enmity of the previous generation, how to deal with this? Avoid her? But, always avoid it? On second thought, I couldn't help being confused. The Lord of Heaven and Earth already knew his true identity. Undoubtedly, Mou Yingshan, the Vice Lord of Heaven and Earth, would also know. He would tell her what to do? Is it necessary to declare to her the enmity of the previous generation, and what will be the consequences? Her father, Huarong, had died in Nanhuang twenty years ago. It is said that people hate to die, but how can they share their lives with other people's daughters? Just then, with the sound of footsteps, the bartender looked into the room and said, "Someone wants to see you!" Wu Tongchun's heart moved. "Who is he?" He asked. "It's a young lady," said the bartender. Bai Shiyu looked at Wu Tongchun and said, "Young lady?" Wu Tongchun thought of Hua Jinfang sensitively and immediately became confused. "I can't see her!" He blurted out. "Who is she?" "It must be Hua Jinfang." "How do you know?" "No one will come to me but her!" "Impossible. How did she know you were staying in this little shop? Maybe it was someone else." "It must be her." "Are you so sure?" Wu Tongchun shut his mouth, he can imagine, heaven and earth will be everywhere, his whereabouts can not hide each other, must be the man in gray Che Yingshan informed Hua Jinfang, so will come early in the morning. "I have to go.." he said. Waiter didn't know what was going on and stayed outside the door in a daze. Bai Shiyu frowned and said, "Even if she is, you have no reason to hide. Anyway, she doesn't know your identity. A few words will get rid of you. What if it's not her?" They must have something to do with you. Wu Tongchun has no master. "Ask the young lady to come in," said Bai Shiyu to the bartender. The bartender turned and left. "I don't want to see her!" Said Wu Tongchun excitedly. Bai Shiyu thought for a moment and said, "Well, you can take shelter in my room next door. Who does it look like? Then you can decide whether to meet or not." Wu Tongchun had no choice but to grab the sword bag hurriedly and hide in the white stone jade room. As soon as I closed the door, I heard footsteps. Then the voice of the bartender said,side impact beams, "This is it!" Then a woman's voice said, "Well, you can go now." 。

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